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Kensington Drug Raid Arrest 68 Dealers & Buyers

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According to NBC Philadelphia: Drug Arrests Number in at 68 Dealers and Buyers

With the amount of Fentanyl on the street, it’s no wonder they’re out busting people for dealing the drugs, but what do they do with the people who are addicted to the heroin and crack cocaine? Will the addicts from the suburbs actually receive treatment or just be thrown back in the system.

Narcotics Sting on Kensington Ave in Philadelphia

kensington street drug arrest nets 68

A narcotics sting in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood netted police 68 arrests in the high-drug-traffic area, authorities said on Monday.

The operation was led by the Philadelphia Police Narcotics Strike Force on Thursday and Friday nights, police said at a news conference Monday. In all, 19 suspected drug dealers and 49 buyers — including 15 who traveled into the city from the suburbs — were arrested in all, Strike Force Capt. Lee Strollo said.

Police also confiscated $4,200 worth of heroin, crack cocaine with a street value of $885 and $600 worth of powder cocaine, Strollo said. He said officers conducted the sting using surveillance, plainclothes officers and K-9 units.

The sting was the third Strike Force operation this year and the first time an operation was spread over two days, police said.
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Heroin is now killing more people then car accidents

Heroin addiction has been killing people all over the place in recent months. We need to come together to push it back from killing people. If the police and the addiction treatment industry worked together we would save many more people.

The majority of overdose deaths are from Fentanyl mixed heroin. Some forms of Fentanyl can’t be treated with the Narcan shot they’ve made for overdose prevention. Once a person overdoses on high quantities of Fentanyl they are unresponsive until death.

Some many people wind up being arrested, but the system doesn’t even know what to do with them. They then just shove them in a cell which provides no solution at all.

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