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NYPD & FBI Arrest 30 Gang Members in East Harlem

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East Harlem Drug Bust Nets 30 Gang Members

Police and FBI agents swathed in military-style fatigues swarmed three East Harlem housing projects early Tuesday, busting 32 people on gang and drug charges.

Cops and agents in body armor and toting assault rifles kicked in apartment doors at the Washington Houses on Second Ave. and E. 102nd St., the Metro North Plaza Houses on E. 101st St. near First Ave., and the Lexington Houses on Lexington Ave. and E. 99th St. about 5 a.m.

Member of Gang (El Capo) in East Harlem


east harlem gang arrested for distribution of drugs causing drug addiction

An FBI agent walks with suspected Broad Day Shooters gang leader Antonio (El Capo) Reyes following an NYPD and FBI bust of a gang-related drug ring at housing projects in East Harlem. (MARCUS SANTOS/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

The early-morning raid cracked a massive drug operation, where cocaine, crack, heroin, marijuana and prescription pills were sold unfettered in the projects and surrounding streets, officials said.

“This morning is a very good morning,” NYPD Chief of Department James O’Neill said. “We were able to take 32 very bad people off the street. This is going to make East Harlem a lot safer.”

Cops and federal authorities had been investigating the drug trade in the three housing complexes for more than four years, police sources said.

The investigation took on more urgency in the wake of the slaying of NYPD Det. Randolph Holder on Oct. 20.

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Drug Addiction Rampant in Harlem and across New York

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NYC has a major heroin problem right now which is leading to many busts all over the city to alleviate the issue. However this doesn’t really solve the problem.

There are not enough beds for addicts to seek treatment. They will just turn to other areas in NYC to find their drugs. We need to find a better solution for the addicts seeking help for drug addiction.

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