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NY Cops Major Drug Bust in Brooklyn Candy Store

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Cops Make Major Drug Bust at a Brooklyn Candy Store in NYC


Cops make major drug bust inside candy store


According to the New York Posts Amanda Woods

Cops uncovered a massive narcotics warehouse inside a Brooklyn candy store — and busted two people in connection with the operation, police said.

State Department of Taxation and Finance officials Brooklyn drug addiction is going crazy and the NYPD are doing everythwere conducting a random inspection of the Gates Candy and Grocery store on Gates Avenue near St. Nicholas Avenue in Bushwick on Wednesday, when they observed what appeared to be drugs and drug paraphernalia and notified the NYPD, cops said.

Police went there early Thursday and saw the stash in an area where cigarettes would typically be stored, cops said. They then closed down the Brooklyn store for a search warrant operation, officials said.

Cops said “a large quantity of a controlled substance,” narcotic packaging materials and chemical dilutants used for packaging and dispensing narcotics had been recovered.

A photo posted on the 83rd Precinct’s Twitter account shows a truckload filled with boxes of the items — and the tweet indicated that there was even more.

As of early Friday, cops were still trying to itemize what exactly had been recovered, and how much of it.

A 33-year-old man for Queens and a 46-year-old man from Manhattan were busted and charged with criminal possession of controlled substances, criminal use of drug paraphernalia and operating major drug trafficking.

Finding Affordable Drug Rehabs in Brooklyn NYC

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a stop in drugs or drug addiction in site. Although the NYPD does a great job at fighting crime, there is not enough treatment centers in NY to facilitate the need for treatment. The majority of low income people looking for rehabs in NY have medicare which the availability of medicare treatment programs is extremely low.

The predominantly abused drugs in NYC are heroin and cocaine. The numbers are so alarming that people are dying by the hundreds.

Below is the last fact statement and goals set by New York the last decade. A dreary oasis of futility to say the least.

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According to Health NY:

The Burden of Substance Abuse

Based on the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) 2010 estimates, approximately twelve percent of State residents age 12 and older experience a substance use disorder (addiction or abuse) annually. Statewide, over 1.9 million New Yorkers (1.77 million adults and 156,000 youth ages 12-17) have a substance abuse problem.

Problem gambling, which has been included in OASAS efforts since 2005, is estimated to affect five percent of all adults, a figure totaling over 750,000. Among New Yorkers ages 12 to 17, problem gambling is impacting 160,000, or one out of every ten youth. Approximately 25 percent of the youth problem gamblers also report subsance abuse problems. An additional 160,000 are at risk of developing problem gambling and may need treatment. Approximately 25 percent of this 160,000 have both a substance abuse and gambling problem. These figures do not fully depict the widespread impact of addiction in New York because of the millions of other individuals whose lives are also affected: the children, spouses, and extended families. The cost to society is compounded by the consequences of addiction, which impact public safety, health, welfare, and education throughout the State.

With one of the nation’s largest addiction service systems, OASAS provides a full continuum of services to a large and diverse population of approximately 260,000 unique individuals each year. OASAS certified and funded providers deliver services in prevention, treatment, and recovery settings. The addiction treatment services provided in the OASAS system include inpatient, outpatient, residential, methadone, and crisis services. In addition, there are school- and community-based prevention services as well as intervention, treatment, support, and recovery services.


  • By the year 2013, reduce the percentage of adult New Yorkers reporting binge drinking (5+ drinks in a row) during the past month to no more than 13.4%. Baseline: 15.8%, BRFSS, 2006. (Healthy People 2010 Goal)
  • By the year 2013, reduce the age-adjusted drug-related hospitalization rate in New York to no more than 26.0 per 10,000. Baseline: 34.6 per 10,000, SPARCS, 2003-2005. (Healthy People 2010 Goal not available – twenty-five percent reduction from 2003-05 baseline)

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